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SC403 is a RFID-based access control terminal, offers time zones and groups andevents management. Easy installation, safe and reliable with simple and convenient operation methodand available in EU languages. Can be managed by its keypad and LCD display, or through a PC using ZK’s freemanagement software. Read Cards and or/PINs. Stores up to 30,000 users and cards and 50,000 records without PC download ID card standard mifare card optional. Built in Bell scheduling. udio-Visual indications for acceptance and rejection ofvalid/invalid cards and 4 x 4 metal keypad with 4 function keys.Relay contacts for door lock, alarm, exit button and door sensor. Its Wiegand-ininterface allows the SC403 to connect externally attached ZK slave readers, as wellas, connection to third party Wiegand-out readers. Wiegand in to construct master and slave system. TCP/IP, RS485/232 communication port, USB to download data in standalonemode.